This Heart..

There’s this heart and it is strong
This heart fought so many battles
It knows no fear
It gives its all
It was shattered to pieces countless times
But still comes back as whole everytime
It doesn’t matter how painful the reason was
It doesn’t matter if it still happens everytime
This heart can love you with no boundaries
It knows no limits
It can give you everything even if there’s no assurance of getting anything in return
You can hurt this heart and it can still forgive you
This heart always chooses to look at the good side
Never minding the bad sides of someone
And that’s what usually causes the pain
You can hurt it but it will still choose to remember the good things
You can hurt it and it will still choose to care for you;
To think of your safety
You can hurt it and it will still blame itself why
This heart loves everyone unconditionally
This heart manages to fix another’s heart even if it also needs fixing
This heart says it’s okay even if sometimes it feels like giving up
This heart knows someday someone will care
Someday someone will take the pain away
Someday someone will love her
But for now this heart is tired
And this heart,
It is mine, it is me.

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