I am a believer of “if it’s meant to be it will be”
I believe that love will always find its way back home
Love knows comfort and safety
Love knows familiarity and acceptance
Love knows where to find it
It just needs to wander to collect experiences
It wanders to grow
It wanders to make mistakes and learn from them
It wanders to meet new people and touch their lives
It wanders to collect stories to tell when it finds its way back
I am also an overthinker of ‘what-ifs’
What if I told you I was sorry for what I did?
What if we were both mature then?
What if it’s too late?
Those are just a few of the what-ifs I have in my mind
I know they will not be answered if I don’t take risks
I know love will continue to wander until I tell love I’m ready to go home
I know what-ifs will continue to haunt me until I find the courage to know the answers
But one thing is for sure, no matter how many what-ifs I have and my love may keep on wandering but love knows you are my home and someday it will find its way back to you

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