Dear self


You seem to have fought so many battles, though you are not physically scarred, but I can see you are emotionally damaged. You are braver than you believe you are. Your stories are not stories of defeat, rather, stories of survival. You survived those countless heartbreaks. You survived those “you are not enough for me”, “I don’t want you anymore” or even being cheated on and other shitty excuses he thought of. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Everybody does, but you of all people need this happiness the most. I am happy that you learned to live on your own. You got used to waking up every morning knowing that no one will be there to send you good morning messages or to make you blush. I know it is hard at first but then as time goes by it will be better. You will be better. You, brave soul, can conquer everything and anything. You are tough and lovable. Someday you will find someone to love and he will give you the love that you deserve. But for now: enjoy life. Enjoy your time alone and make the most out of it. Keep moving forward and stop looking back thinking of what ifs. Instead, think of what is, what is out there waiting for you.

I am not perfect

Do not call me perfect
for you do not see what’s inside me
You don’t know how hard it is to calm my demons
Do not call me perfect
for you do not know my insecurities
You don’t know why I stay up late at night
Do not call me perfect
for you do not know why I cry myself to sleep
You don’t know how hard it is for me to live
Do not call me perfect unless you get to know the real me, the things I’m scared to show and the thoughts that are almost killing me