It’s Complicated

Why do you have to be so complicated?
It’s such a big mess you created
I don’t know what you feel
I don’t know what is real
They say actions speaks louder than words
I don’t know why but it hurts
The way you act feels so true
You’re making me fall in love with you
I hope I can hear it in words clearly
So that I can understand deeply
I don’t want to give it a meaning
Cause I don’t know what are you feeling
I’ve learned from my past
Now I want things to last
I don’t want something temporary
Something that will just be another memory
So if you don’t mind please make everything clear
So I don’t even have to fear

Gumising ka

Gumising ka
Gumising ka sa katotohanang hindi ka niya gusto
Na ang mundo ay isang malaking biro
Ibinigay lang siya sayo bilang pagsubok
Hindi para ang mundo mo’y sakanya itutok
Gumising ka
Gumising ka sa katotohanang isa ka lamang kaibigan
At ang salitang ‘kayo’ ay hindi nya kayang panindigan
Hindi nya kaya sa isa’y makuntento
Iyan ang matagal na niyang sikreto
Gumising ka
Gumising ka sa katotohanang hindi lang ikaw ang sinabihan nya ng ‘mahal kita’
Huwag mong isipin na ikaw lang ang kanyang nakikita
Itatak mo sa iyong isip na hindi siya iba
Pareho lang siya sa mga dati mong nakilala
Unti-unti ka niyang pasisiyahin hanggang sa ika’y umasa
Ipararamdam niya sayo kung paano siya mag-alaga
Mag-alaga ng mga sakit at hapdi luha at pighati
Mag-alaga ng mga lihim mong pinakatatago mga palaisipan na bumabagabag sa iyo
Gagawin niyang puno ng saya ang malungkot mong umaga at puno ng liwanag ang napakadilim mong gabi
Sasabihin nyang ika’y mahalaga sa pamamagitan ng paghalik sa iyong mga labi
Ikaw naman tong si tanga, agad naniwala
Mga pader na matagal mong itinayo, agad ibinaba
Doon mo mapagtatanto na nahulog ka na sa kanyang patibong
At hindi ka na makakaurong
Kaya bago mahuli ang lahat
Gumising ka



The Girl Who Writes

The girl who writes. The girl who writes has so much in her mind. The girl who writes is full of random thoughts. Her mind is like a book filled with different contents but sometimes with only one subject. She is beyond strong because her writings are her armor. She is powerful with her pen and paper with her. You can see her spending time in coffee shops looking at the window observing the nature.You can see her in bookstores sitting on the floor with books beside her and holding one in her hand. She also reads. She also reads to equip herself with new words that can be her armor.

The girl who writes can sometimes be intimidating because you will feel that she’s adept at words. You will feel that she knows everything. But realize that the girl who writes is a girl who is still willing to learn. She’s a work in progress. Like her writings she’s a continuous story.

The girl who writes loves to spend time alone. Don’t be afraid if she tells you that she want to be alone. She just need time for herself. She need time to write, to vent things out. But that doesn’t mean that she don’t need you. Still, be there for her.

The girl who writes can turn a simple story into an exciting one. She can make interesting fairytales. She can turn those once upon a time into happily ever after. She can write about the places she went, the person she saw this morning or even the things around her.

The girl who writes is full of secrets. Sometimes you will know it by her works or the way she writes. Her writings are previews of who and how she really is. She is also bothered by the demons inside her and when that happens she will get her pen and start writing.

You’re lucky if she writes about you. She will describe you perfectly. Comparing you you to the moon and the sun, the dark and the light and everything that you’re comparable to. She will use highfalutin words when describing you because for her you’re beyond simple words. You’re beyond perfection.

Appreciate it when she writes about you or for you. Yes, she will write about you countless times. How you held her hand, how you spend time with her, how you made her happy or even how you made her sad and broke her heart. She will always write about you because for her you’re the perfect subject, the one whom her heart can’t object.

The girl who writes is very appreciative. The girl who writes loves simple efforts. She loves letters more than flowers. You can give her the simplest letter you can write about her and she will love you even more.

So now, are you ready to love a girl who writes and be written about?



Someday it will be you and me
Someday you’ll see we’re meant to be
We both say what we really feel through a joke
Cause if we say it seriously we might choke
I somehow feel that you also feel the same way
But if not I’ll just try to be okay
I’ll stop wondering about the what ifs
It will just make my heart rip
But I hope someday you’ll say
“Girl, I love you please stay”




Out of your league

I know I’m out of your league
But is it wrong to dream big?
Yes I dream that someday you’ll like me
And I’m the only one you’ll ever see
I’ll be there when you need me to
Yes baby it’s true
I’ll be with you through your fears
We’ll laugh til our eyes have tears
I’ll be your light in every dark path you’ll take
Our future is ours to make
When your heart and mind is troubled
I’ll fix it,like a puzzle it will be un-jumbled
I can’t promise you forever
Cause they’ll say whatever
I don’t want a happy ending
Cause an ending does not suit this feeling
I’ll say happily ever after
Cause after all we made it through with a laughter



Love Game

I don’t really know you but I fell for you
You said words that really sound so true
You told me that you’ll catch me
Since then I was filled with glee
When I already felt something
I saw that you already have your everything
You treat her like your princess
I am left like a damsel in distress
I know loving you was risky
Like a maze it’s very tricky
But I was blinded
I left my walls unguarded
This is really a nightmare
I just can’t stop and stare
So tell me how do you stop loving someone
When you know from the start that what you have is all just for fun



Secretly Loving Someone

Here’s a poem I wrote for someone I love
Whose looks may not be beyond above
But has traits that soars high as the clouds
You may not know that I like you
But this thing that I have for you is true
You like someone else
How can I compete if I’m not the best?
How do a girl tell a boy that she likes him
When they say a girl making the first move is not proper and prim
My feelings for you is real, boy
But I’m afraid you’ll play with it like a toy
I know someday this feeling will fade
I’ll no longer be trap in your cage